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I am a mechanical engineer, by trade, with three years of experience as a machinist, six years as a designer of automated manufacturing machinery, and over 14 years of new product development in Research and Development and new product design in oil field down hole tools and pressure sealing technology..

I have only been making sole authorship knives since the beginning of 2007, and my desire for perfection, along with my experience in design, metalworking, machining, and other manufacturing processes have allowed me to rapidly create knives of top quality and finish.


I am located in Cypress, Texas which is on the northwest side of Houston, Texas. I grew up in this area and have lived here most of my life.


I started assembling folding kit knives in 2006 for personal use because I wanted a knife with a superior edge holding ability over the production knives that I had acquired since childhood. Quickly, I realized that kit knives could not perform to my expectations.

Around this same time period, after several hunting trips, I determined that a hunting knife with an stainless steel blade with the highest levels of edge retention and toughness would satisfy my requirements for a knife of many purposes. After a minimal amount of research, I felt that I could make a knife by investing a bit of money in tools and materials,. Little did I realize, I would quickly have thousands of dollars invested in tools and materials to make this one knife to my exacting standards.

About My Knives

I am personally interested in hunting knives and have determined that a tough dropped point blade with a broad, deep cutting belly is the most versatile shape. It allows for efficient skinning, quartering, and processing. I also like hidden tang fighters and bowies and have made a few of these to fullfill the challenge of doing so.

I make fixed blade knives, using the stock removal method. I have worked with CPM S30V, CPM S35VN, CPM-154CM, and ATS-34 and will continue to work with these exotic stainless steels as long as they are available. My grinds are flat, and I mostly make integral tapered tang knives. I create each and every guard from raw bar stock, hand file the spine of most knives, and custom make every guard/handle spacer from hand selecteded materials such as nickel-silver, brass, composite, G-10, or vulcanized fiber. I prefer to use exotic hardwoods for handles, along with micarta, sambar stag, and G-10.


TKCA (Texas Knifemaker's and Collector's Asssociation)

SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)


Below, is a close duplicate of my profile on TKCA (Texas Knifemaker's and Collector's Association)

First exposure/experience to knives as an art form or craft (where/when/why):

I was introduced to knifemaking as a craft by Lance, an employee of Texas Knifemaker's Supply during a weekend gathering at a common friend's home. I was given a catalog which provoked my interest and subsequent interest in knifemaking. Subsequently, I have been largely influenced by the online knife forums which have discussion boards dedicated to knifemakers.

First impressions of this exposure/experience:

I gifted my first knives to people who I feel indebted to. All responses to my work were highly positive, and I have strived to continually improve my skills and attention to detail.

Single most contributing factor to becoming initially involved with knifemaking and/or collecting:

My desire to own a hunting knife with one of the best steels for edgeholding ability, toughness, and abrasion resistance started my path into knifemaking. I felt that I could make a knife with little investment. Little did I know at the time, but the quest for a cheap knife has led me into purchasing a lot of tools and equipment and spending a lot of time determining the best methods to create the knives that will perform and look like I want them to.

Single most contributing factor to pursuit of knifemaking or collecting as a hobby or career:

The enjoyment and stress relief that I receive from spending time making knives. Every knife is a challenge for me as I strive to make each one better than the last.

Are you a full-time maker or a part-time maker?

Part-time, sole proprietorship.

I make knives in my spare time and do not produce a large number of knives per year. I prefer to make knives as a pasttime and then sell them. I am very hesitant to accept custom orders for knives since it does not allow me to utilize my entiire creativity and it puts me on an exacting deadline. I will accept a very limited amount of custom orders though.

Persons most instrumental in my progress as a knifemaker/collector (who/how/why):

All of the individuals who share information so freely on the internet in web forums such as Blade Forums and The Knife Network have contributed greatly to my progress as a knifemaker. I do not post questions often, but soak up the information from the discussions. The forums are indispensible to me.

I also credit Harvey Dean's video on grinding and Chuck Burrow's video on sheath making. I have recently derived inspiration from Jason Knight and Bruce Bump. Of course, I am inspired by Bob Loveless. I believe that his "hunter" is the most functional hunting knife. The drop point, simple handle design, and high performance stainless knife steels make it a design that I like to reproduce.

What you notice most about other knifemakers'/artisans' work:

I pay attention to details such as fit and finish. I like filework when it is well done and especially like to see how others use it to fit the entire "motif" of a particular knife.

Equipment or knives currently used and/or sought (including those most valued):

My primary piece of equipment is a KMG belt grinder with a variable speed 2hp DC motor. Other equipment currently includes a small drill press, a band saw, a metal saw, baldor buffer, vises, files, Foredom rotary tool, workbench, etc.

My dream is to own a Bridgeport knee mill and a surface grinder to facilitate my move into making folders.

Other methods of marketing or promoting yourself and your work:

I have not done any promotion of myself beyond word-of-mouth. I gave away my first six or seven knives, which has generated interest from others. I have a website at I like to support other knifemakers by posting replies and suggestion on several knifemaking forums.

Publications/articles/news releases regarding your work (who/what/when):

January 2013 edition of Knives magazine.

Trade shows/venues in which you participate (who/where/when):

Coming in 2015

Community/other personal efforts to promote sensible public awareness of knifemaking/collecting:




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